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Spotlight: Printed Roller Blinds

Spotlight: Printed Roller Blinds

09 May 2017
Category: Trends
By Studio

Staying true to our high quality digital printing, Sparkk has broadened our fabric and wallcovering selection to bring you a range of functional and contemporary Roller Blind substrates.

Together with our custom colouring tool, you can expand the potential of your space by utilizing a surface not conventionally considered within interior styling. Like all our exisitng substrates, our Roller Blind selection is available for custom digital printing - ask us about setting up your own designs or browse our growing library of Sparkk originals and designer ranges!


Block out

Apart from blocking out direct sunlight from entering a room, as well as ensuring privacy when needed, Sparkk's roller blind substrates are a perfect styling addition to your interior projects.

Ridley - block out, smooth canvas finish

Rufus - block out, natural textured grain finish

Rocco - block out, textured weave finish


Light filtering

Control the amount of natural light entering your space and allow your chosen design to pop as the light filters through.

Randall - light filtering, textured weave finish

Renzo - light filtering, made up of 30% polyster and 70% PVC


All Sparkk's Roller Blind substrates have high light fastness, mildew and mould protection and are fire rated. Click here for more information or to download individual spec sheets!

Any questions? Contact [email protected]

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