A Good Yarn

The word maak means ‘to make’ in Dutch.

We chose this name for two reasons. Firstly because we’re an intergenerational business with deep roots in the Netherlands. Secondly, because we’re makers and have been for over 60 years.

From Amsterdam to Auckland and Sydney

Edwin’s father, Nicolaas Rysenbry, emigrated from Amsterdam to Auckland, New Zealand in 1952 to start a small textile shop.

Growing up around fabric, Edwin joined forces with his brother Michael and Dad and together they created a successful textile company, Mokum Textiles. They ran this for 28 years.1

Fast forward to 2010. We moved our base to Sydney, Australia and became Sparkk. Responding to the growing impact of textile waste on the planet’s resources, we decided to become a digitally-led business.

Back in Auckland

So here we are now. Back in Auckland, New Zealand, with Edwin’s son, Christian, at the helm. An innovative, design-obsessed, sustainable textile and wallcovering company. Living our island life, working with creatives around the world and making great products.

Good to meet you

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