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Trend Report : Muddy Earth

Trend Report : Muddy Earth

10 Apr 2018
Category: Trends
By Sparkk Studio

As the cooler months are on the way, warm up with earthy organic tones. Focusing more so on colour and texture oppose to pattern, to create the perfect atmosphere for the season.We've picked out our top Sparkk colours that follow suit to this trend. Explore using our custom colour option when selecting your design and tailor make your textiles. Warmer colours does not mean you have to go dark,

“Warm tones might usually feel quite hot and overpowering. But because the shades themselves are so muddy and not too visually stimulating, they can create a space that feels rather cool, calm and relaxing.” – Chris Carroll

Images Sourced from TLC / Dulux / Pampa

Sparkk Designs Featured :  Jermie Hogan / Glyph / Tassel Fern / Bottle Brush / Native Grass / Weave / Itchtaca / Bamboo Matt

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