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Pantone Colour of the Year 2017

Pantone Colour of the Year 2017

08 Feb 2017
Category: Colour
By Studio

With the month of January flying by, you may have noticed the emergence of Pantone’s 2017 pick of the year - Greenery!

Our Greenery match sitting perfectly in this flatlay from 'Design with Colour and Style' by Shaynna Blaze

Pantone describes it as a zesty yellow-green that alludes to revitalisation, renewal and a deep desire to reconnect with nature amongst the busyness of modern life. Bright, loud and fresh, Greenery is definitely an eye catcher. Though striking and initially quite a tricky colour, with the right colour combinations, both complementary and analogous, it can be applied to all seasons. Here’s a few ideas we’re loving! / Sparkk Alix - custom Greenery (1055) / / Sparkk Classic Trellis - fern  (1143-06)

Sparkk Uluru Watercolour - mint (2085-04) by Grace Garrett

A playful touch in Sparkk Dorothy - dream (1110-05)

Sparkk Great Shalimar - steam (1132-01) cushion by Bethany Linz / Sparkk Compton - autumn (2041-02) by V&A

Sparkk Mexitli - custom greenery (2198) by Grace Garrett

Sparkk Coconuts - custom greenery/sword/lolly (2107) by Grace Garrett - inspired by @lucialitman's lovely palette

Greenery is now available in our Sparkk palettes - head over to our library at, pick your favourite design and custom colour some combinations of your own!

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