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New Collection: Urban Aztec by Grace Garrett

New Collection: Urban Aztec by Grace Garrett

14 Sep 2016
Category: New Collection
By Studio

Immerse yourself into the wonders of the Aztec culture, as Sparkk is here to introduce you to the latest collection by Grace Garrett. Urban Aztec is built up from a vast exploration of designs in relation to symbolism depicted within the Aztec community, nature and buildings as represented in the MEXITLI print. 

This is a collection that can be adapted easily into interiors due to its ease of complimenting a multitude of styles. Spoilt for choice as designs are available in an array of colours and patterns. Influenced by the stone and adobe clay used for Aztec homes, as well as their opulent jewellery, painted walls and pottery. Grace Garrett has constructed a wonderful and enriching collection, inspired by an ancient tribe that we can continue to connect with in the urban world. 

Check out her whole collection here, for any further information or questions just get in touch at [email protected] 

Alternate images sourced from the Aztec Interior tag on Pinterest 

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