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The Sparkk Experience!

The Sparkk Experience!

05 Aug 2015
Category: Design
By Studio

Ever wondered what it's like to work in the Sparkk studio? We're not going to lie, its pretty great. Not only are we surrounded by beautiful textiles and charming cushions, but our resident designer Lauren never fails to tantalise our tastebuds with her tasty cake creations! 

A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Bronte, a high school student who chose Sparkk as a business to complete her week long work experience program. We were thrilled to have Bronte with us! She was enthusiastic, a true admirer of textile design and was such a huge help in our preparation leading up to Life Instyle weekend. 

We asked Bronte to write up a blog post on her week at Sparkk (only the good bits of course!)

Take a look below!

When school told us that we had to find work experience for a week I knew I wanted to go to a design company or anything to do with art and design. I researched all over the internet to find something that looked interesting and something that I could benefit from, even mum started looking. I emailed over 10 companies that involved designing, printing and anything that was arty but unfortunately not even half returned my e-mails and the other half said they were to busy. 

Luckily one day when I was at school, Mum went to a shop and saw some cushions that she liked. So she asked the lady at the counter who they were designed by she explained that they were from Sparkk which was a company that designed digital printed textiles for cushions and wallpapers. So when I got home from school I researched Sparkk and as soon as I saw the front page with all the cushions I knew I would love it. The next day mum emailed them, and for the next couple of weeks I waited for a reply. 

Over the holidays I looked through my emails and there waiting was a email from Sparkk saying that they would love to have me. I was so excited that they had not only emailed me back but actually said they wanted to have me. 

During the holidays I went into Sparkk to meet everyone and to have a look around. Everyone was so nice and the vibe from inside Sparkk was amazing - you could certainly tell it was a design company from all the cushions, the way inside was decorated and especially the way everyone dressed so arty. Finally the 27th of July was here and I could finally go and spend a week at Sparkk. 

On the train there I was really excited, but really nervous especially because I had no idea what to say when I got there. As I walked down the lane way, I was practising what to say which sounds so nerdy but it is better than turning up and not saying anything. As I walked through the door I saw everyone in the office. Liv (who has an amazing style like everyone else at Sparkk) walked towards me and introduced me to everyone again.

I spent my first day at spark checking out all the designs on the pillows and learning how to stuff a pillow into a pillow case by Irene and Tash who have the most effective way of stuffing a pillow. Who ever thought there could be a technique to stuffing a pillow!!! At Sparkk ! also had the opportunity to design my own design. I drew a design and then Lauren and Jeanie showed me techniques to use on illustrator and photoshop. I then got to print my design which I thought was really nice.

My week at Sparkk not only consisted of helping out with bits and pieces but it also involved witnessing the most creative and funniest people ever. On the second day I not only sorted and stock listed the pillow covers but I got to witness Kristy and Lauren dancing for 1 minute dance time which was the craziest thing I have ever heard of. Lunch times everyday were pretty fun as well watching Jeanie and Lauren make there AMAZING lunches with a 1kg Salmon that they brought to work to have for lunch everyday until it was all gone.

At lunch on Tuesday I also got to taste Lauren’s amazing chocolate peanut butter cake for Edwin’s birthday….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDWIN AGAIN. Another perk of the week was just having fun and laughing with everyone at Sparkk especially hearing Jonti and Lauren laugh because they have the funniest laugh ever. Also to Liv and Christian who I only got to spend 1 and a half days with good luck at life in style hope everything went well which I am sure it did. 

So as much as I could go on I cant say thank you enough to the team at Sparkk for not only letting me come and do work experience for a week with you all but for giving me lifetime memories and making it clear to me that I want to pursue a career in art and design. So a message to everyone who is reading this make sure you purchase SPARKK CUSHIONS because they are amazing. Also a tip for everyone going to work experience in the next coming years make sure you go somewhere you think you would love because the memories and lifelong skills you learn really helped me and I am sure they will help you too.

By Bronte Wells 

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