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New Collection: Anchorage by Tim Neve

New Collection: Anchorage by Tim Neve

04 Aug 2015
Category: New Collection
By Studio

We are so thrilled to introduce our latest designer collection by Tim Neve!

Tim's debut textile and cushion collection with Sparkk features inspiration from his favourite styling props and love for interiors. Mixing hand-drawn with computer generated patterns, Tim immersed himself in the design process, combining his trademark styling aesthetic with on-trend tones and coastal patterns.

Tim's portfolio is always expanding - with special mention going toward his latest publication release 'Sandcastles'. This beautifully designed book really explores Tim's relaxed, luxurious coastal styling as he travelled Australia's coastlines hunting for 'Sandcastles'.

Having used his creative talents styling, producing, and writing features for national magazine publications, Tim then became the founding Editor of Australian Coastal Home Magazine. 

We caught up with Tim and asked him the hard hitting questions about his newest release and what's inspiring him right now.

1. What was your inspiration behind the collection?

Creating my book, ‘Sandcastles - Interiors inspired by the Coast’ unfolded for me just how many looks there are within coastal style, especially when you aim to stay away from the cliches. The sea is just the seed of inspiration to create so many unique looks. For me, it was my collection of props I used in the book like weathered fishing ropes and nets that already had a repetitive motif within them that really inspired the designs.

2. Favourite design among the collection?

That’s a hard one, they are like my children now and I love them all! But if I had to pick a favourite, ‘Mermania' was my first creation and let me go back to putting pencil and brush on paper which I hadn’t had the excuse to do in such a long time. The watercolour creation has little splodges and splats of imperfection within the design which I love, as Sparkk designs are created digitally this kind of balances out the process, and the end result looks like I have literally painted onto the fabrics - especially when using the gorgeous Lulu linen basecloth, it is so tactile and really brings the designs to life.

3. What drew you to design a textile collection?

To be honest, as an interior stylist it’s hard sometimes finding a unique design that no one else has already used - so I thought it best just to create my own from scratch! I’m working on a big commercial project in my hometown of Newcastle this year where all of the ‘Anchorage' designs will be featured throughout. But the other side of the process with Sparkk is how amazing all the products are in reality: creating the cushion designs and testing them out on different fabrics like the velvet ‘Lulu’ and adding contrasting trims to make each one unique has been so exciting.

4. Last place you travelled?

A few weeks ago I visited the UK where 'Sandcastles' has just been released and got to sign copies of my book at retail giant Selfridges, which was a huge career highlight for me! I then made my way to Paris and explored the fabric district behind the Moulin Rouge for gorgeous trims like pom poms that I now plan to mix in with some of my textile designs. It was interesting placing the order though, as I only speak about three words of French!

5. What blogs are currently inspiring you?

Hmm, it’s less about blogs and more about instagram for me. I love that this platform lets us all communicate visually, and so quickly. In fact, it’s the first thing I do every day over my morning coffee, and then wonder why I’m half an hour late! But seriously, it also seems to be the way I keep up with industry news too and love seeing what all the other great Aussie stylists are up to, both professionally and personally.

Of course you can also browse the graphic geometric motifs and soft watercolour hues in this stunning collection here! And don't forget to get in touch at [email protected] for any sample requests of this gorgeous range!

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