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New Collection - Shibori

New Collection - Shibori

26 May 2015
Category: New Collection
By Studio

We are beyond thrilled to introduce Sparkk's newest collection by Shibori. We have been so excited in the weeks leading up to this release, and now it's here! We are long time admirers of Shibori, and love the idea of indroducing never before seen colourways ranging from classic indigo to dreamy pinks and gorgeous greens.

Founders Pepa Martin and Karen Davis created the boutique textile agency, and are renowned for pushing the boundaries of this ancient Japanese craft. Through the exploration of old techniques, Shibori provides a contemporary finished product with a fresh design approach high quality fabric selection. These fabrics have been used by some of Australia's top designers both in fashion and interiors physically documenting the reinvention of the ancient Japanese art of Shibori, and its place in design today. 

In this collection, Sparkk showcases 11 designs in a range of colourways. Here's a few pics of the stunning range!

Shibori Star - Charcoal

Entomology - Indigo

Lucy Diamonds - Rose

Cityscape Day - Olive

For more Shibori goodness, click here! And don't forget to get in touch at [email protected] with any questions you might have.

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