Memphis Textures is a collection of prints and cushions inspired by Memphis Group - an iconic Italian design collective from the 80s that emerged from art deco, pop art and postmodernism. Founding member Nathalie du Pasquier is resposible for many of the graphic prints.

About the Designer

Saskia Rysenbry

Saskia is a graphic and textile designer from New Zealand currently feeding her serious appetite for travelling. At the moment she lives in Bali “forever until my plans change” and has been working on a variety of different creative projects including creating beautiful textile collections for Sparkk and developing income generation projects in both Laos and India amongst many other things. As the Creative Director for Sparkk in Australia for over 3 years her design ethos has been to interpret and meld international design trends and the influences of travelling and living in far away lands with the essence of the Australian worldview and landscape.

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