Jeremie Hogan


1181-2 Mode

designed by Jeremey Hogan

  • Horiz 26.09
    Vert 26.09
  • Harper
  • Select Print Base


Jeremie Hogan

Textile design enhances space with personality and character, mediating the constructed interior environment with the fluid nature of its inhabitation. It is an expression of occupying this space between, through the marking of pattern and detail. My designs articulate an organic and gestural style. The fragile nature of the hand drawn line results from the dialogue between my hand and the brush or pen. Both the linearity and curvaceous qualities of the repeating shapes and forms across the surface are bold movements, able to be as loud or as quiet as desired through the use of colour and application. Originating from a hand drawn form and the transition through the digital printing process establishes contemporary designs that project a distinct character.

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