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Nature's Nudes

Nature's Nudes

12 Jun 2018
Category: Colour
By Sparkk Studio

Now don’t be thinking, oh neutral how boring…

Neutral does not mean paint all the walls magnolia and make the sofa match. Neutral means texture, depth and best of all they are so easily adaptable. Perfect setting for that accent piece of artwork to pop, or make a room light and fresh just as well as being dark and dramatic when delving into the greys & browns.

Timeless and forgiving as they allow you to experiment with different colour options through your furniture, lighting and accessories. The eye is also more drawn towards the materials used in a space, emphasising the beauty behind a woven rug, knitted throw, polished concrete and down to the wood grain in the floorboards.

Images resourced: Shibori / Farrow & Ball / Pinterest

Featuring designs from our designer collections available online :Blurred Lines V A Seguy / Shibori / Tranquil Lines

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