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New Collection: Jeremey Hogan

New Collection: Jeremey Hogan

17 Apr 2015
Category: New Collection
By Studio

We are beyond excited to welcome Sparkk's latest collection by the talented Jeremey Hogan! 

Jeremey Hogan is a young textile designer from New Zealand. Her prints articulate an organic and gestural style through the marking of pattern and detail. We have released Jeremey's newest collection with 5 wonderful designs in various colourways. 

We caught up with Jeremey and she answered some questions for us leading up to her collection release (how nice!). Read the interview below:

What was your inspiration behind the collection?

After walking around and being seduced by Barcelona, I wanted to create a collection that expressed the stark contrast between hand painted tiles full of elaborate markings and colour, with patterns of pavements and sidewalks, which have their own subtle urban rhythms and concrete grey tones.

How would you describe your style/the collections style?

The collection is has numerous geometric designs, yet collaborates with some floral and more simple patterns to reflect the intentional conceptual contrast. As a whole the collection is created by hand drawn lines, and follows the process of making these marks on a piece of paper and translating these into a digital pattern.

What is your favourite design among the collection and why?

Chosing one is pushing it … but I could choose two that I love together!

Esmonde and Sage 

Last place you travelled?

Wanaka – scenic wonderland.

Favourite colour?

Its hard to choose between grey and black. But I’m far from boring.

What are you currently reading?

Slowly working my way through ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ – Bill Bryson. With the intention of filling major gaps in my general scientific knowledge.

Where would we find you on a Sunday morning?

After an early morning walk, I’m a total weekend brunch enthusiast.

What external resources do you look to for inspiration? websites/people etc. 

Of course I love our immediate access visual information overload – which I of course can spend endless hours browsing blogs and pinterest however I think walking around cities and people watching would be what I do best. 

Any words of wisdom for aspiring young textile designers?

I like to keep things simple, with an organic and gestural style. I admire patterns that have the ability to be as loud or as quiet as the space needs. I always like to think contextually beyond the print, and how the pattern and markings will reflect, contrast or cohesively embrace the interior environment, always questioning the relationship between pattern, colour and space.

Below are a few colourways in each of the new designs along with some beautifully styled photographs that we just adore!

Sage / Bourke / Esmond / Cooper / Addison 

For more of Jeremey's gorgeous prints, click here. And don't be shy, get in touch if you have any questions at [email protected]

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