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The Humble Armchair

The Humble Armchair

18 Jul 2014
Category: Furniture
By Olivia

It’s fair to say that the easiest and most ‘cost-effective’ (see cheap) way to inject colour and a new lease of life in to your interiors are cushions. But if like me, you have been dreaming of making your way up in to the bigger and badder world of furniture, then look no further than the humble armchair.

Not quite carrying the same price tag as a couch, but still packs the same amount of punch when placed in a room. The Armchair has become the new way to promote personality and fun throughout interiors.

While there are many, many beautiful options available for immediate purchase, after months of searching I was recently lucky enough to procure myself a beautiful second-hand wingback chair (yay!). And whilst it is divine, it is most definitely in need of a re-cover.

Thus brings me to my dilemma; what fabric!!?!

This seems to be a common issue faced by the newly armchair acquired; to choose between timeless and classic, or fun and quirky. While most of you will say the smartest choice is the former, it can sometimes leave us with the less than appealing ‘beige’ outcome.

Here are some tips when approaching colour and design;


There are so many places to get inspiration these days, whether it be in your favourite stores or online using Instagram or Pinterest. Most people will struggle with imagining how it will all turn out, having a visual guide helps.

Consider your existing decor.

Are you in need of colour? or do you have a lot to contend with already? Placing a brightly coloured turquoise chair in a monochrome setting will have a striking effect and bring attention to the chair. If you have a lot of colour in the room already then perhaps playing it down will make the room more harmonious.

Be Bold!

Why not?. Worst case scenario, you can change it! Being bold doesn’t have to be scary, and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to choose the pink Flamingos! (although we would totally recommend it). Pick a colour you know you love or features elsewhere in the room. Or pick a bold design, in a neutral or black and white to balance it out. You will be surprised with the outcome if you just let go a little.

So keeping these things in mind, I will embark upon the journey of re-upholstering  but for now here are some of the best we have seen from our clients using Sparkk fabrics. I hope they provide you with a little inspiration and courage to get out of your comfort zone.

Flamingos Original, printed on Fritz Fabric – Image courtesy of Arthur G

Flamingos Original, printed on Fritz fabric  - Image Courtesy of Arthur G

Custom Green Silverado Chevron, printed on Felix – Image Courtesy of Arthur G

Edit Hydrangeas Original Design – Image courtesy of Edit

Edit Plume Turquoise Design – Image courtesy of Edit

Custom Coloured Olivetti Design, Printed on Fritz fabric – Image courtesy of Boyd Blue

Fan Trellis Dove/Black Design, printed on Healthcare Fabric – Image courtesy of Crown Furniture

Casso Safari Design, printed on Healthcare Fabric – Image courtesy of Crown Furniture

Tomato Vines Ground Pepper Design, printed on Felix Fabric


Chrysler Lagoon design, printed on Lucia Fabric (shown back right)

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